How our product is used

We offer many ways to either integrate, use internally, or both.

Integration methods include: iFrame, EMBED, and RSS for CMS software such as Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla, etc. Integration options include two variations of our complete CyberSecurity Awareness Hub as well as the ability to integrate specific components and the ability to completely customize your own unique version.

Go-To Resources: Our service is also used by many clients as an internal "go-to" content hub for marketing content (articles, victim resources, images, videos, online quizzes, news, animations) teller and employee training as well as for customer / member support in the form of easy to print handouts.

A Unified Awareness System:

Goals of customer/member/employee adoption:

  • Reduce costs
  • Increase member / customer support
  • Maintain / improve reputation
  • Retain members / customers
  • Acquire new members / customers
  • Reduce employee mistakes
  • Reduce members / customers mistakes
  • Improve employee confidence
  • Support marketing department
  • Support fraud department
  • Increase social media outreach
  • Increase community outreach
  • Support small business members / customers
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  1. The number one fear for almost every adult is financial security.
    Financial security is threatened or eliminated when someone becomes a victim of any one of the hundreds of scams attacking people every day by email, social media, paper mail, telephone, mobile, and web. Preventing fraud through awareness and education presents a huge opportunity for marketing managers.

  2. People expect their financial institutions to improve their defenses against fraud.
    Today, most believe that only their financial institution can protect them from fraud scams and identity theft. In this new era of online fraud, consumers are more fearful than ever about their identity being stolen and used illegally, damaging their credit and their future ability to secure loans or perform other vital financial transactions. As a result, consumers are trusting their financial institutions to improve their defenses against fraudulent actors looking to steal, sell and use their PII. Preventing fraud through awareness and education is important for a financial institution's reputation and future success.

  3. Get your security content in-line with what people are worried about.
    Our service can help you to bring your fraud awareness more in-line with what consumers and small businesses are most interested in. This would be helpful to create relevant member experiences, drive brand awareness, produce outreach campaigns and to position your financial institution as a thought leader.

  4. More Small Business Support.
    Adding more fraud awareness for your small business clients makes sense. Not surprisingly, our latest nationwide statistics demonstrate a big increase in fraud awareness interest by small businesses.